Saturday, December 11, 2010

you gotta get there somehow...

It's one oh five PM in Seattle, and I have one more hour to wait before I board my plane for Sacramento.  I just got off the phone with my adopted sister Lana, the phone is beeping telling me that the battery is about to go and I suddenly realize why it is such a big deal to bring one's charger when one travels!  SEATAC is such a weird place to people watch when you leave Alaska; most people treat each other very kindly and some don't seem to be aware that other humans share the same space.  Information overload comes in the form of a billboard of the "Northwest's Best Casino"; the image of a statue of a killer whale leaping out of a brightly lit fountain is not what I expected to see when I think of Ken Balcombe's beloved J and L pods.  Then again, what will future visitors to the ruins of our society learn from us after viewing the crumbling statue of Orcinus orca?  Well, I have to keep my focus.  I will have a 2 hour layover for my flight to LAX-enough time to navigate the airport extension and find my gate!  And then a three hour layover, probably just enough time to find the LAN Ecuador gate, and at last, sleep on the plane to Quito Ecuador!
I'm treating this time by zombifying my brain, I'm not doing alot of ambient thinking but I AM watching the videos from the places that I will be volunteering, in order to keep my spirits up!
Bear with me while I practice with the slideshow in the upper right hand corner of the blog, it's a loose end that I didn't tie up before I left but I will get it figured out.
Hasta la Vista!

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